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  1. Introduction
    This web shop is created to ease the ordering process of HMF merchandise. There are several other advantages as well. The product range is more visible to the customer and the customer will always get the latest updates about products and product information. In short the web shop is a more dynamic way for customers to place orders.
  2. Products
    All the products have been categorized. The categories can be seen by first clicking the "Products"-tab at the top. The categories will then appear in the top-menu, just under the tabs. The category "all" will give a quick overview of all the products. It is only recommended to use this when you are familiar with all the products and the ordering process in general.
  3. Placing an order
    To place an order, please follow the following instructions:

    1. Click on the tab "Products".
    2. Click on a category you choose.
    3. Click on the product you want to order.
    4. To the right, type in the amount of the selected product you want to order.
    5. Click "add to cart".

    The product is now in your cart awaiting the final processing and approval from you.
    If you want to buy more/other other products, repeat the process until step 5. When all the wanted products have been added to the cart, continue with the following instructions:

    6. Click the "shopping cart"-tab.
    7. Click "checkout".
    8. Follow the instructions to either log-in, create a new user or continue without registration.
    9. Fill in the required information and click "continue".
    10. Verify the delivery information and add notes to your order if needed before clicking "continue".
    11. Verify the billing information and add notes to your order if needed before clicking "continue".
    12. Verify the order information and agree to the order conditions before clicking "confirm order".
    13. The order has now been placed and you can return to the frontpage by clicking "continue".
  4. Questions
    If you have any questions related to the web shop or products, feel free to contact us either by phone or email. Our contact information is on the front page. We are happy to assist you.
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